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AWIM Comes to Southlake

  Carroll Elementary School in Southlake, Texas inaugurated the SAE's AWIM program with Ms Connie McCammon's two hundred student fourth grade science class. The students spent eight weeks learning about friction, force, air resistance, weight, balance and many other physical factors while they had fun building and testing small, easy to make vehicles.

  Engineers from the Peterbilt Company located in Denton, Texas mentored them. Peterbilt mentors enjoyed the experience and have all volunteered to do it again next year when Ms. McCammon's next class does the AWIM program.

  The students were so excited about the program that the students were talking about it in other classes and as a result other teachers are interested in the program.

Connie McCammon's fourth grade class listens
as an AWIM point is explained.

  A skimmer regatta was held at the end of the project and all the students were awarded certificates of completion. Ms. McCammon was awarded an SAE certificate for an outstanding job of teaching the students. All in all, the students got interested in science and math while having a good time doing it.

 The skimmer regatta in full swing.