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About Us

The SAE is dedicated to the promotion of land, air, & sea mobility. This site is maintained for the benefit of members and non-members interested in the programs, activities, and interests of the Texas Section.

What is the Texas Section of SAE?

SAE and its sections are tax-exempt, not-for-profit organizations. All section officers are volunteers and receive no payment for work on behalf of the section and SAE. Like all sections, the Texas Section is operated through an elected Governing Board: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. Numerous appointed officers assist in setting meetings, coordinating with students, and doing the work necessary to run a section.

The governing board usually meets for about two hours on the first Tuesday of each month at a restaurant in the DFW area to discuss section strategy, set objectives, and provide progress reports. If you are interested in serving on the governing board, please contact us.

Perhaps you are wondering about the size and scope of the Texas Section of SAE. Here are a few particulars: The Texas Section serves Northern Texas down to near Austin and west to El Paso. With more than 700 members, we are a medium large or "Heavyweight" section. Geographically, we cover one of the largest areas in the U.S. The Texas Section is also a diverse section, with members working in many areas of mobility engineering. The Texas Section of SAE meets mainly in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on the third Thursday of each month.

Members of the Texas Section reside in the areas covered by the following zip code ranges:

  • 75000-75899
  • 76000-76999
  • 79000-79999

For more detailed information, contact the section chair listed on the Officer's page.

Meeting location: Dallas/Fort Worth